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Latest in crematorium design, one in the shape of a foetus –http://bit.ly/jZNxyQ

MakingAnExit Sarah Murray RT by GoodFunerals Remarkable pictures of a Tibetan sky burial: bit.ly/lll4hP

“The funeral industry itself is heading for a crisis of relevance” Read and digest the wise, enlightened Pat McNally – http://bit.ly/lhS8yF

Like me! Follow me! Are social media really what a deathcare biz needs? http://nyti.ms/iSIH5O

Marlon Brando’s ashes must come home to… Wales!! Wha?http://bit.ly/izeI4W

A papier mache coffin. It’s really rather good! http://bit.ly/jTAHV6

Public health funerals in the UK £1,200 each, the same as we get for double the money. Why, please? http://bit.ly/kxkopS

Access to suicide drugs & info empowers us to live as long as we can – http://bit.ly/kefefE

‘Burn the poor’. Burial of paupers in US to be phased out, an insidious dispargement of cremation? http://tinyurl.com/6chx4ag

Why do health nuts want us to live so long when there’s no funding to keep us going when we’re old? To hell with the Royal Coll Psychs!!

Ouch, another howling complaint re Funeralcare: “I won’t use the term funeralcare as there was no care shown by any of their staff.”

Bruce Springsteen played this at the funeral of Big Man Clarence Clemens yesterday – http://youtu.be/eb4zNUWt2ZU

@caregiving Denise M. Brown RT by GoodFunerals
Aging Gracefully: Why Getting Old Is a Lot Like Being Younghttp://huff.to/izOx6r via @huffingtonpost

What funeral consumers want – and what they don’t want –http://bit.ly/j6Kiiz

Christians v Pagans in sleepy Bridport – http://bit.ly/iNDWv7

Rare orchid found at Middlesex crem. Something in the air?http://bit.ly/ijVury

Mellow_Knee Melanie Glenn RT by GoodFunerals
Chocolate #coffins and #caskets! How did I not know about this?!tinyurl.com/6kx8f4c

The jewelled skeletons of Europe. Brilliant. http://bit.ly/mSuk7u

Thriller writer’s research project: experience being buried alive –http://bo.st/mT3bgB

MakingAnExit Sarah Murray RT by GoodFunerals
I love the fact that there seems to be an “Expressing Sympathy Advisory Council”: bit.ly/jshd4h

Dead woman revives at her own funeral then drops dead for good –http://bit.ly/kv1WgO

Two very promising new blogs, one by an undertakerhttp://bit.ly/iZmxXv one by a would-be undertaker http://bit.ly/lZytOO

One is quoted in today’s Guardian – http://bit.ly/l2BG7d

Dead man unable to rest in peace with wrong teeth. Exhumed.http://bit.ly/lBiqGW

Some Oz undertakers are absolute rotters – http://bit.ly/mF9CbU

The willow tray from Passages, an excellent burial/cremation product. What a good idea – http://bit.ly/lINF72

Pt 2 of the Patrick McNally interview. Food for thought for consumers and undertakers alike – http://bit.ly/k3z4Th

“Remembering you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” http://bit.ly/mqnFr1
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Jeanne Rathbone
11 years ago

I was pleased to see you being quoted in the article about women getting into the funeral business. I think the public will, in time, agree with you.

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

Thanks for dropping in, Jeanne. It’s dangerous to generalise – there are lots of brilliant male undertakers. But undertaking got to be a very blokey business, and that now needs plenty of leavening. I think.

Jon Underwood
11 years ago

Really enjoyed the article on sky burial, thanks for sharing. Jon