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Dear Supporter

The Daily Mail is running a poll for a limited amount of time asking
‘Was the BBC right to screen an assisted suicide?’

If you do not think that the BBC should have screened an assisted suicide, please
(Scroll down the article, about a quarter of the way down there is a small blue box,

titled ‘Today’s Poll’)

Care Not Killing has published a press release
which warns of the dangers of ‘copycat suicide’ following the screening of the BBC programme.

Thank you for contacting the BBC to express your own views about the programme.

If you have not already done so, please contact the BBC with your personal views.
You can either comment online or telephone 03700 100 222 and press 1. (After the beep, you will have only 1 minute to leave your personal opinion.)

Thank you for your continued support and action,

CNK Alliance



  1. Charles

    Simply reading the small sample supplied of august member bodies of the CNK – the christians and the catholics and the church, to name a few of the usual suspects – and the intolerant and paternalistic attitudes they go out of their way to represent, is enough to make me despair for poor old common sense, who never did anyone any harm but who comes in for so much murderous stick.

    I despair of such a bunch of bigots telling me what I’m allowed to look at in case it perverts me. If research suggests ‘copycat suicides’, let’s look at the CAUSE, not just remove the stimulus in the hope of averting a symptom while we clutch the fundamental problem jealously to our communal bosom.

    Must I share a world with these bastards? Pass me the hemlock.

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