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Here’s a roundup of recent tweets. I was dressed down the other day for publishing too many all at once. It’s a good point. In future I shall post fewer oftener.


Falling murder rate hits gangsta funeral home –


I see greenfuse have a new website. Something of a standard setter, I’d say –


Grief denied is grief delayed? Good piece here on direct cremation and emotional aftermaths –


New natural burial ground, just opened –


How would you like to approach natural burial with young people? Dr Hannah Rumble wants to know. It’s a good question –


Agree w/Kevorkian’s understanding of the magnitude of the problem but disagree w/his solution. New post on our blog:


Shocking indictment of the L’pool Care Pathway – and I had thought it was all so good


‘Rest in peace you wooley bastard.’ Massive outpouring of grief in NZ for dead sheep –


Woman smitten in flagrante by outraged tombstone –


Note to hacks: don’t seek quotes from undertakers about falling death rate, they’ll tell professional lies –


Voice of Daleks buried in a cardboard coffin –

Temple of Grief – there’s a good new name for a crem. Sanctuary of Sorrow? Basilica of Bereavement… Got me thinking –


Very interesting piece in the NYT on doctors’ duty to eol counselling and not deserting their patients –


Honouring the moment of death – and getting the bag for belongings right. Brilliant piece, this, from Ireland –


Involving the family in the funeral. A laudably enlightened undertaker writes –


A funeral in a garden. Perfect and wonderful –


“Their greatest gift was teaching us how to live and how to die.” Funeral for body donors.


“We cannot have a situation whereby people strip naked at funerals.”


cuttlefishpoet Digital Cuttlefish

The Digital Cuttlefish: Dance Naked At My… That’s right, you heard me.

Well well, the US govt has outlawed formaldehyde –


Who’s the youngest undertaker of them all? Any advance on this?


People who sing to you at your bedside while you’re dying. R4 for me, please.


Drop-off box at the end of the undertaker’s drive where people can leave their dead.


He wanted no funeral and look what he got –
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