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By Caroline Iandoli

Living funerals are gathering in popularity as more people are approaching death with a more positive frame of mind, taking the opportunity to celebrate with the people they love and have been important in their lives. It also means friends and relatives who might not be able to attend the funeral at short notice can say goodbye. This kind of celebration often has a positive effect for those coming to terms with illness and loss.

We aim to reflect this shift in attitudes by making a documentary celebrating life through the lens of the deceased apparent. The film will confront the traditional way of dealing with death, and demonstrate that planning for the end of your life doesn’t have to be morbid. It can be – and for many people is – positive and uplifting.

We are looking for people who are thinking of planning a life celebration to contribute to the film. For more information please contact Paisley Randell: 07554009286 or email us at

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karen hanson
karen hanson
12 years ago

What a great idea! I’ve been thinking along these same lines for over a year!

12 years ago

Hi Karen,

Glad you like the idea! Would you consider holding your own or are you just supporting the positive frame of mind?


Denise Jones
12 years ago

I have been to one of these, it was for a great Scottish rugby legend. Broon from Troon he was known as, Gordon Brown to the uninitiated. It was held 10 years ago in a London hotel about six weeks before he sadly died of cancer. He was a great friend and a constant source of amusement. I believe the event was taped – I may have a copy somewhere. Rugby players came from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales and England to the event. I recall seeing JPR Williams, Gavin Hastings and others in the bar while Jeremy… Read more »