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It’s been a while since I posted a roundup of news stories. Here’s a bunch. I can’t claim to have got them all; it’s a laborious business collecting them. They were all first posted on Twitter. I feel guilty about that. Twitter is a social networking site and I just use it as a filing system. Not cricket. Ach, wotthehell, archy, wotthehell.

Man journeying through eternity with a woman who is not his wife –

Father of Britain’s longest unburied body dies –

‘In his memory, go and get that medical test you’ve been avoiding.’ Always the best obits here:

RIP Poly Styrene –

Thirteen-year-old boy sets fire to his granddad –

What would you taste like to a cannibal? Ever wondered? Find out here –

“Davis said God was looking out for his family when a huge oak tree fell on their house.” Mysterious ways.

Mumbai scheme to stop dogs running off with the bones of cremated bodies –

Pub to hold funeral for hail-fellow-well-met cat –

The husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor wants to have her plastinated when she’s dead –

Burial Lessons: From Che to bin Laden.

Dead rebels with a cause and post-mortem ignominy strategies –

RIP Major General Barry Nuttall, scourge of the bureaucrats. What a great guy –

101 ways to euphemise ‘died’ –

‘If god wanted us to believe in him he’d exist.’ Linda Smith.

New coffin manufacturer on the block. Anyone know anything about Steve Soult Ltd?

Teen shoots self during funeral for shooting victim –

The DVD funeral tribute turned out to be a child porn slideshow. Ouch.

No bricks and mortar funeral homes – the shape of things to come in the UK?

Undertaker leaps from a moving aeroplane!

Sign of the times: the corpse was identified by the serial numbers of the breast implants –

Co-op trying to drive ethical retailer out of business. It’s time to expose this nasty pointless org –

OMG and all that, they’re serious about disturbing the dead and reusing their graves!! Good thing and high time –

There’s nowt so crap as a crem. This one wouldn’t wait for the dead woman’s brother –

They killed the dog so that it could be buried with its mistress –

No more church funerals for Naples mafiosi. Oh my godfathers!

Does anyone know anything about these people? Are they dodgy?

Maggoty corpses left outside at US crematory. The price of free enterprise?

Gunther von Hagens will pay you £61,000 for your dead body –

Dr Hannah Rumble’s PhD thesis on natural burial now available for download. Hugely recommended –

Here’s a hideous insight into UK undertaking. Cigar for the 1st person to define a ‘caterfelt’ –

Anniversary bash celebrates selling out to Fairways. Wailing and gnashing of teeth would have been more in order –

Replica celebrity coffins. Whose is for you?

Exit has updated its living will. Pricey at 30 quid but quite possibly worth it?

Reporting funerals back in the day –


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12 years ago

Haha! Archy and Mehitabel! No one remembers Archy and Mehitabel these days…

i know that i am bound
for a journey down the sound
in the midst of a refuse mound
but wotthehell wotthehell
oh i should worry and fret
death and i will coquette
there s a dance in the old dame yet
toujours gai toujours gai

Have a good break, Charles

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
12 years ago

A caterfelt is that bit of stuff you put under the flowers to stop ’em sliding off the coffin: that’s what I show or know.

12 years ago

I shall refrain from any temptingly catty remarks, but if a funeral directors that boast 25 years in the business, and a fleet of over 14 newish (09) vehicles, and more “funeral directors per funeral than any other FD in town”, and can’t spell catafalque, then I’m afraid they no longer get my vote.
One could suggest that they need to pay some “attention to detail” Bless.
Back to school Robert.