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The toiling wretches at GFG Central were arrested in their labours the other day by the discovery of a doppelganger in New Zealand — Good Funeral Guide NZ. They uttered a heartwarming if parched cheer as the overseers, puzzled by the commotion, moved in with their whips.

GFG NZ is the brainchild of Tamara Linnhof, who also works with her husband Andrew making eco-coffins of more than ordinary design excellence. You can see them pictured here.

Tamara’s background is in consumer protection and she is keen to influence government policy-making in the area of the still-young natural burial movement in New Zealand. She is keen to talk to all with an interest in natural burial anywhere, so do contact her if this is an important area for you.

We wish Tamara and Andrew every possible success.

GFG NZ here.

TenderRest here.





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11 years ago

Charles – thank you! Appreciate the support. As Charles says, I’m keen to hear from anyone in the UK (or elsewhere) with views on the pros and cons of operation models for natural burial sites. Such sites are starting to be set up in New Zealand, most often on council owned land. There’s divergence across regions – some are council run and some are being run by a non-profit organisation, with links to for-profit companies selling funeral products. I’d be interested to hear of any research or advisory work that’s taken place in the UK around the various operational models…… Read more »

Melissa Stewart
11 years ago

I want one of these but the delivery miles are a worry. Do they float? Perhaps you could you write my name on one and give it a gentle push from an NZ beach. I’ll pick it up from the Welsh coast when it gets here. A floating coffin being ‘newsworthy’, I would just have to wait for the press to announce it’s arrival and ‘go claim’.

Great GFG NZ site by the way Tamara.

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

They’re not unlike coracles in some ways – the vessels in which the Welsh were the first to discover America. So it’s probably doable.