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Royal wedding route will be the same as that to be taken by Queen’s cortege –


Interesting that political campaigning should be reckoned disrespectful of a dead politico –


Man dies at best friend’s funeral –


RT @beachwordsmith: Sia Furler and Six Feet Under Such a great song!


Judicious juxtaposition. Hat tip @StNeotsFunerals


The Funeral Director (2009). Maddest movie of all time?


The excellent Mr D Cuttlefish on what atheists believe (and don’t) –


Man hanged for murder gets Christian burial –


RT @DenOfGeek The growing problem with death in science fiction movies and TV shows – Den of Geek


How can any crematory be so incredibly incompetent?


Grievers bang to rights for out of order parking up at t’crem –


Scan those prints for the family archive + a BEAUTIFUL photo –


Is that nice Mr Mugabe on his last legs?


Not Dead (Alive) Beard-o-Bees Remix – ‘a cerebral celebration of life’. Not of mine, ta –


ShineOnBrightly shineonbrightly by GoodFunerals

At Ghanaian Funerals, a Time to Dance and Celebrate –


beachwordsmith Brian Jenner by GoodFunerals

I May Very Well Vomit…The Snoopy Dance…Responses From Fans | Six Feet Under… New blog


Country star’s father won’t die –


Clock stopped never to go again when the old man died –


Good website and very promising new death blog from UK academic – innovation and spirituality. Worth following –


New disposal technologies a reinvention of the wheel? Natural burial all we need, thanks? Comment here:


New nbg in Lincs. 20 years in the planning. Twenty years??!


Daily Mail bashes travellers with grievers. Are there no depths to its malign ingenuity?


Co-op Funeralcare wants us to Like them on Facebook. Just one person does when I looked. Where’s the love?????


ECRI_Institute ECRI Institute by GoodFunerals

Great blog conversation on #ptsafety blog post “The Messy Business of Dying” National Healthcare Decisions Day @NHDD


suebrayne Sue Brayne by GoodFunerals

Wonderful R4 Bk of Week Marie de Hennezel’s Warmth of Heart prevents Body rusting. Available on podcast


OK, so who do you think cocked up, the Co-op or the florist? –


Hereford mortuary to charge undertakers £50 a day to store bodies. Sign of the times?


New consumer resource to guide grievers in choosing the right services and the right funeral home –


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andrew plume
andrew plume
12 years ago

“OK, so who do you think cocked up, the Co-op or the florist?” – actually Charles it’s a novel one for f’care it’s usually the bodies that they mix up…….

andrew plume
andrew plume
12 years ago

“…Hereford mortuary to charge undertakers £50 a day…” – simply outrageous – mortuary/refrigeration costs should definitely not be passed (sic) on