Meet Angeline Gragasin and Caitlin Doughty

Charles Cowling

I know a number of you drop in around this time (10.30 am) hoping there may be a new post because you need a little light displacement activity. Well, I’ve got you something that’s anything but little and light. Two short films here by Angeline Gragasin starring/narrated by Caitlin Doughty “documenting the life of a mortuary professional as she sets out to revolutionize the death industry one corpse at a time.”

The Ecstasy of Decay is a series of original videos produced by The Universal Order of the Good Death. The title comes from the concept that there is beauty in the human corpse doing what it is meant to: decompose, rot, decay, etc. Caitlin and Angeline will continue to create these videos throughout 2011 with the help of members of the funeral industry and other dedicated members of the Order.

Wonderful work here. I hope you will enjoy and admire them as much as I did. Find more of Angeline Gragasin’s work here.

ECSTASY OF DECAY №1: Your Mortician from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.

ECSTASY OF DECAY №2: The American Corpse from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.

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10 years ago

‘The American Corpse’- Brilliant, captivating, beautiful and frank!
thank you for sharing. really enjoyed watching this.

Comfort Blanket
Comfort Blanket
10 years ago

Fantastic! Thanks Charles. I especially liked the ‘The American Corpse’. Interesting how the FD popped up like a carpet bagger. All these people, like Angeline, doing wonderful things to change perceptions. Makes me feel really inspired. As 10.30am screen breaks go, this was a goodie…