It got made!

Charles 6 Comments

Movie synopsis: The Funeral Director (2009) So far as I can find out, it never got distributed.

“A broken-hearted man, Kevin, finds company in a pet cricket. After ditching a lucrative advertising job, he signs on as an apprentice in a funeral home and finds himself not only working for a sexually starved pre-menopausal funeral director, but also rooming with her free spirited nymphomaniac niece. In a strange way, Kevin becomes like one of the old Renaissance masters by taking the dead corpses to study and advance his art by photographing them. While the nymphomaniac becomes addicted to the idea of helping him win back his ex-girlfriend they find themselves exploring loss, death, and resurrection. In a dark romanticism, Kevin attempts to artistically reincarnate the dead people by dressing them up in elaborate costumes and makeup, trying to recapture the memory of their best human quality and to defy the tragedy of their death.”

If only I could find you a clip or a trailer!

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12 years ago

It sounds fabulous. A screening at the Six Feet Under festival is surely in order if anyone can unearth this masterpiece of kitsch.

Louise Carron Harris
12 years ago

we need to find this trailer!

Charles Cowling
12 years ago

Have a look at this: In this strikingly original independent drama from Canada, a young woman finds that her obsession with death is challenged when she falls in love with a handsome medical student. Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) was fascinated with the dead from an early age; as a girl, she and her best friend would find the bodies of birds and small animals and devise funeral rituals for them, though Sandra always took these adventures far more seriously than her compatriot. As Sandra matures into womanhood, her obsession with the deceased begins to develop a sexual component, but… Read more »

Tony Piper
12 years ago

A bit of googling reveals that the film appears to have become “Promises Written in Water” ( – see for the back story. No clip, though 🙁

Charles Cowling
12 years ago

Tony, you are brilliant! No trailer available, it seems. Alas!


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