Charles Cowling

You may or may not remember a post here about an ad placed in the Liverpool Echo by the Fairways Partnership, a wholly owned subsidiary of the damned Co-operative Funeralcare. If you can’t, refresh your memory.

A good, decent, ordinary man who also happens to be a very, very good funeral director, complained about it to the ASA.

He lost.

Read the entire sorry story here. Gnash your teeth or do whatever you do.

Hat tip to the vigilant and indispensable Simon Irons for this.

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bill rose
bill rose
10 years ago

the ad also implies that funeral experts are available 24 hours a day. When I left Fairways in 1998 the out of hours calls were taken by a call centre,staffed by telephonists with no funeral service training, If that is still the case and I have no information to the contrary then it is is a barefaced lie.

10 years ago


Sorry – that’s the most intelligent thing I have to say in response.