Well, it’s been a quiet week…

Charles Cowling

It really has been a very quiet week in Funeralworld. Here are the choice cuts.


Peter the Wild Boy, never tamed, buried at Northchurch, Herts –http://bit.ly/gqRr3k


Green Burial Council code of standards. This is brand new, yes?http://bit.ly/geljsE


That eminently postponable problem: what to do with the ashes? Lovely piece here – http://bit.ly/dHYAyD


Funerals for missing tsunami victims may ‘use another family’s bone chips or ashes as a stand-in.’ Fascinating –http://lat.ms/dVpatZ


Is a small religious minority trying to dictate everyone’s end of life options? http://ht.ly/4lNaM #DeathwithDignity #VTleg #VTgov #VT


‘Since a Catholic funeral is an act of worship, it goes without saying that it is not a form of entertainment.’ – http://bit.ly/gWsDsb


RT @GrievingDads: “The Mourner’s Bill of Rights”http://wp.me/pVxlX-6W@StNeotsFunerals


No service by request. In lieu of flowers, take some time to walk in the sunshine and stop to smell the roses – http://bit.ly/esRcoh


beachwordsmith Brian Jenner RT by GoodFunerals

Some things may never happen, this one will http://bit.ly/eZcaLs


The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo – Richard Burton’s favourite poem, read at Liz Taylor’s funeral. Text: http://bit.ly/dCsMwS


‘The passing years are taking a toll. Black streaks of mold creep up the satin sheet.’ Marcos still unburied. http://bit.ly/hITeJx


Women’s ‘superiority in the empathy department ‘ makes them better undertakers. Yes? http://bit.ly/gDg3UW


The part marijuana can play in palliative care – http://bit.ly/hZVLOs


The difference between nursing home and prison is that you have marginally less chance of being sexually violated. http://bit.ly/fnOGcr


matthiasrascher Matthias Rascher RT by GoodFunerals

Weird photos of James Dean posing in a coffin. http://bit.ly/gktzNy#JamesDean #weird


Funeral food OK so long as the corpse can’t see it –http://bit.ly/f9NZeW


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Rupert Callender

It can’t still be a quiet week Charles, it’s Wednesday!