Charles Cowling

Blog follower Simon Irons, whose last comment on a post was very bracing, is keeping watch over the ASA site to see what happens in the case of Liverpool’s independent funeral directors vs the Fairways Partnership. I expect Fairways will get off — they employ very good lawyers. But win or lose, the complainants ought to be able to get some good publicity out of it.

While waiting for something to happen, Simon has done a spot of very useful rummaging. He has unearthed other cases of recent ads reported to the ASA. Here are the links:–Partners-Ltd/TF_ADJ_49923.aspx–Partners-Ltd/TF_ADJ_49930.aspx


Hats off to you, Simon! Thank you!

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10 years ago

Yes indeed, very many thanks Simon. Does anyone know if “advertising” extends to signs on shop fronts?