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A roundup of the week’s news in tweets.

The intractable problem of boomer ageing and death. The elephant in the room –


Indy FD hits out at Bretby crem sale to Co-op. Rum biz, these crem sales –


Have just spoken to FD vs sale of Bretby crem. Very anti-Co-op with reason. Makes up for those who say I am too confrontational.


Photo 36 sums it all up really. #fb


If you should happen to die in Burton on Trent, use Murray’s FD. Incredibly lovely people. Worth dying in Burton for.


johannhari101 Johann Hari RT by GoodFunerals

Disturbing & obscene story about corporate homes for the elderly, with excellent investigative work by Olly Wright:


Will the Japanese have to cremate their tsunami dead on open-air pyres?


Will the Japanese have to cremate their tsunami dead on open-air pyres?


This new book examines why people travel to sacred spots. Looks really good –


Oldie reflects on ‘the slipperiness of time’. Delightful –


Got your tickets for the SFU convention yet? Lovely blog post here –


The Palace has just been on the phone. Rather good news, actually. Yes, we’re now Royal Good Funeral Guide.


Promo video from E of England Co-op. Wot, no sound? Look at that FD’s shoes!! Tsk.


Grievers plagued by wind –


“She was one of these women who loved TV medical dramas. She was virtually born to have a terminal disease!”


New home funeral mag out now Published by More: Just ordered mine – $12


Funeral music: is the hymn dying out? Singers for Funerals discuss.


“Mourners at a funeral may not eat more than 3 sandwiches.” –


How to Die in Oregon. This looks really good. Death with dignity.


Might Dignity plc buy out LM Funerals? Makes a lot of sense. A few peripheral monopoly issues, but none that can’t be sold off – to FSP.


I’ve just found another undertaker who posts his prices on his website –


Australian cemeteries are turning into natural burial grounds – and folk don’t like it:


Doing my bit to stop Bretby crem being sold into slavery –


Computerised book of remembrance like a visit to the cashpoint. Grievers’ fury –


Member of Japanese self-defence forces offers a prayer before removing body of a tsunami victim buried in the rubble –


beachwordsmith Brian Jenner RT by GoodFunerals

RT @SARATHERAPY: The five regrets of the dying by Bronnie Ware, > this is fab!


When you go into a care home you’ve got 832 days to live –


Tory bastards sell profitable crem to the damned Co-op for no visible good reason –


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“…I’ve just found another undertaker who posts his prices on his website…” – and he is incredibly good value too Charles