Perfect boutique undertaker’s for sale

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In the same week that LM Funerals (“More than just a funeral service” — or less, depending on your point of view) decided to cash in their chips and put their chain of familyalike funeral homes on the market (yours for £100 million or so – go on, don’t be so tight), the GFG can announce another, much smaller sale: that of a wee undertaker’s in an urban area of the west country.

Actually, this is a re-announcement; I first told you about it a few months back. This business is perfectly suited to someone wanting to start up on their own, and it’s possible that such people read this blog. The present owner has good personal reasons for wanting to sell, and it’s not for me to reveal them. The business has a brilliant local reputation; occupies premises just a mile from the crem, so you can hire in your vehicles; and the rent is just £800 a month. It would ideally suit a couple, or a sole trader. The present owner is incredibly fussy about who takes over, but in a good way. Only those who are completely and utterly respectful of people who have died will get a look in. There are opportunities to increase business; this one presently does not advertise. And the reason why it’s been on the market so long as that the owner has been too busy to put it on the market!

If you’re interested and want to know more, drop me an email:

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Ann Hawkes
Ann Hawkes
9 years ago

Would be interested in getting more information please send to email address

David Holmes
9 years ago

What a fantastic opportunity!

Thanks to Mr Google, I discovered the other day that LM now have a cheap and simple funeral website. What can this mean?

Charles Cowling
9 years ago
Reply to  David Holmes

They’ve got a spare van.

Nick Gandon
9 years ago
Reply to  David Holmes

Roughly in your service area David …..