Hideous or beautiful?

Charles 1 Comment

There’s the usual row going on in a cemetery (Colchester, actually) about who can dangle what from where, if anywhere, and what is decorous and what is simply grieving trash strewn by frightful common people mad with grief and commonness. Yes, the great memorialisation debate will run and run. I say memorialisation, but used not commemoration to be a perfectly good word for it?

Is the pic above an OD to all the senses? Most Mail readers think so. I have to say that I think it just wonderful, so there.

Thanks to The Funeral Company for the link. Apols to Ms Goodall for breaching copyright: I can’t find your contact details to ask your permission. Mail story here.

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gloria mundi
13 years ago

Two thoughts Charles:
1) “memorialisation” is nonsense – it suggests to me the turning of someone of something into a memorial.(As in caramelisation of sugar.) Not n.b. the creation of a memorial. Commemoration is the exact term.
2)I think it’s lovely too. Yarboo, as always, to the Daily Mail and all its works, and hooray for commonness.