Charles Cowling

This blog is taking a break. It needs good sea air, best bitter beer, fresh seafood, long walks and things other than death to think about. It needs regenerating.

Do come back. Posting shortly will be Kathryn Edwards on Malidoma Some and the role and importance of ritual in funerals. Kathryn has journeyed to Burkina Faso , Dr Some’s home country,  to study with him.

Also posting soon will be Simon Smith and Jane Morrell of green fuse. They have recently got back from California, where they met leading lights in the US home funeral movement. Can, will, home funerals ever take off in the UK?

See you in a week’s time!

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Charles Cowling
10 years ago

Very sweet of you, CB. Thank you!

Comfort Blanket
Comfort Blanket
10 years ago

Enjoy your well-deserved break after many months of prolific postings. “Do come back”? You know you can’t keep us away…