Charles Cowling

Two really nice stories here.

First, a marvellous and extraordinary insight into funerals in Gaza — community, ritual and politics. Here.

Second, the ten most loathsome lunacies of the Westboro Baptist Church (the GOD HATES people), who are so biblecrazy they once protested outside a shop selling Swedish vacuum cleaners after a Swedish pastor was prosecuted for being horrible about homosexuals. Now they’re going to protest at Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral on the grounds that she did not praise God enough while dying of breast cancer. Here.

Have a lovely weekend!

One thought on “Newsy morsels

  1. Charles Cowling

    The ‘GOD HATES people’? Surely you mean the ‘GOD HATES PEOPLE people’?

    Bunch of gays, if you ask me.

    Charles Cowling

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