Farewell, Tana

Charles 1 Comment

I have just learned from Tony Piper, a man of much heart and inellect, the news that Tana Wollen is stepping down from head of ceremonies at the British Humanist Association. Tana, too, is a person of much heart and intellect and she’s been a good friend of the GFG. We’re going to miss her. We wish her every success and happiness in whatever’s next.

Her job is advertised on the BHA website. Find it here.


  1. Charles

    Thanks Charles – it would be difficult to overstate how much difference Tana has made to the BHA celebrant’s network, with her tact, generosity, sensitivity, and damned hard work.She has been very, very successful in a fairly short time, and she will be hugely missed. She’s also very nice!
    Go well Tana, and thank you.

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