Really getting real

Charles Cowling

When Americans decide to do things differently, it seems to me, they make a clean break. Brits, on the other hand, carry over a lot of familiar stuff from the past. I mean, how often does a natural burial ground witness a scene like this?

And which has the courage of its environmental convictions and buries at three feet?

Read the story in the Washington Post.

(Beautiful shrouds available from the UK here.)

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James Leedam
11 years ago

We love the Bellacouche shroud, and wish we saw more of them at our natural burial grounds. However, at a recent country show we exhibited Atkinson’s wool-covered coffin and a sample Bellacouche shroud and although they received interest from the local agricultural community, they really wanted something grittier, less arts & crafty, more earthy – a simple arrangement of woollen blankets on a pine board or stretcher. Feeling creative and industrious? I’m tempted to offer a simple design…

Rupert Callender
11 years ago

I have to say Charles, often. Even the depth is not that strange.