Naughty nineties

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If you catch me reflecting too often on the travails of too-long life, this story may act as an antidote.

It reminds me of a crisis faced by Winston Churchill. I can only paraphrase. An aide greeted him with the news, one morning, that a member of the cabinet had been found consorting in St James’s Park with a member of the Household Cavalry. “And how old is So-and-So?” asked Churchill. “Seventy-eight, prime minister.” “And what was the the temperature outside last night?” “Seven degrees below freezing, prime minister.” “My God, it makes you proud to be British!”


  1. Charles

    The intrinsic connection between love and death – an almost charming example!

    * on a more ominous note, if sex and death maintain a natural balance on the physical and metaphysical planes, what does our incredible contemporary obsession with sex indicate about our existential condition – or foretell? The shadow of death spreads

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