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Charles 1 Comment

Hi Claire

Sadly, the email address you gave me must have been stymied by a typo. So I am replying by blog!

You asked about bicycle hearses. So far as I know the only serviceable bicycle hearse in the country right now is that built by Paul Sinclair of Motorcycle Funerals. Paul is somewhat of a perfectionist, so you may be sure that his bike hearse has been soundly built. I see that there is no photo on his website at present, but you can see a pic of it at the top, taken from Paul’s newsletter.

I know of no other bicycle hearses, but it’s possible that some readers of this blog do, so have a look at the comments below. If you want to make further enquiries, perhaps your best bet would be to contact bike enthusiasts’ clubs like the CTC. You might also contact big bike shops like the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.

Good luck!

With all best wishes,


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Rupert Callender
13 years ago

Last year we did a funeral for a young girl. Her father was a committed environmentalist, and took her coffin from our place of work to the natural burial site about 6 miles away by bicycle and trailer. We did another funeral there this summer and we processed to the site in our volvo trailing about 20 bikes. Tour de Devon..