Great ringtone for grievers and dismalistas

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Chirpiness and high-jinking are, I think we agree, out of place in a mourning scenario and/or environment. If you are freshly bereaved, that screamingly funny but in the circs totally unfunny ringtone on your phone is definitely going to jar if not shatter decorous, contemplative gloom. The same with undertakers. Yes yes, you need to be in touch with HQ, but if the noise of your phone going off is downright irruptive and nonappropriate you’re outa place.

Which is why I was very pleased to find this small selection of topping Abide With Me ringtones. Download the one you fancy. Everyone’ll nod solemnly in approbation.

Ah-ha! I have just been made aware that the link don’t work. But it takes you to the right website. Just type ‘Abide With Me ringtone’ into the search box and you’ll be there.

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