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I always enjoy my weekly perusal of my favourite obits page in the Victoria Times Colonist, BC, Canada because (as you may know) I wonder if it describes a trend in the end-of-life event business which will cross the Atlantic.

There are also some finely wrought word portraits of those who have died.

Eleven deaths are announced. It is difficult to determine how many of these will be marked by a funeral with a body since the word ‘funeral’ is used only twice. There is one ‘private family funeral’ and one ‘family celebration in lieu of a funeral’.

Of the remaining nine, there are two ‘celebrations of life’, three memorial events (one at a golf and country club) and one ‘service’.

For three of them there is no end-of-life event whatsoever (or at least none stated).

Why does this hold my attention? Read previous blog posts here.

Find the Times Colonist obit page here.

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