Brand new hearse, only £60!

Charles 2 Comments

Here’s a charming story from Wales:

The family of a frugal farm contractor who died aged 87 paid tribute to him by building his hearse out of scrap.

For just £60 relatives of William Royden John built the funeral cart which transported him to St James’ Church in Rudry from second-hand materials.

His son Ross described the gesture as fitting for a man who grew up during World War II and who was used to recycling old parts.

Daughter-in-law Julie John said: “We started off with two axles and nothing else and the whole thing cost us just £60.

Read the whole story here.

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11 years ago

When the community joins in and even the hearse reflects the man’s character, then you know they really have got it right. Wonderful.

11 years ago

Let’s hope they think of renting it out for future funerals at a tenner a go – that way they’ll even get their sixty quid back for William.