Better read than dead

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When Eulogy magazine came out in June there was excitement and chatter and speculation. Would it catch on? How long would it last? The lowest estimate I was aware of was a curmudgeonly six issues, volunteered by a funeral director in the west country.

In the event, it seems to have underperformed more grievously. There has been nothing since. I had £250 riding on it for an article I was commissioned to write about… I’ve forgotten. Ah well, where Eulogy has gone we shall surely follow. Ink to ink, ashes to ashes.

Over in the New World, Funerals Today goes from strength to strength, it seems (I’ve never read it). I couldn’t resist posting this pic of their newest cover.


  1. Charles

    I did manage to track down and buy a copy of Eulogy. I’ve read, maybe, a fifth of it – sorry to say it was just a little uninspiring. I do like to give things a fair chance so I may buy another issue, (if I can find one) and see if it picks up a little. Has anyone else read it, and if so, what did you think?

  2. Charles

    I also bought it (and reviewed it online, and offered to write articles for it), but I too was a little uninspired.

    Love the idea of the mag, but there is surely a small market. People only buy bridal mags when they’re getting married, after all.

  3. Charles

    I agree with you, Maggie; I read as much of the June issue as I could bear to read, and forgot to look out for the next one until one day this month, when I saw that June herself was languishig un-bought on the shelves.

    I’m not holding my breath for the July issue to arrive.

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