Charles Cowling

You’ve been following the Raoul Moat aftermath? The parody-of-Diana shrine, the mawkish and the up-yours tributes, the incredulous condemnations by a clearly baffled political class?

Revulsion? Dark merriment? Take your pick. This is a very British, brutish affair. If you’ve a moment, the St Raoul site on Facebook is worth a gander and a ponder.

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Rupert Callender

This, I think, sits at the very core of what it means to be a ‘minister’. Taking the service of someone who has suffered a dreadful death, a terrible accident, suicide or even murder is so much easier than taking the service for someone who has done something dreadful, but they are entitled to a good, truthful funeral as well. These funerals seperates the ‘shouldn’t be doing this’ from the pros. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I was astonished to hear there are celebrants who won’t take a service for children or someone who has taken their own life.… Read more »

Charles Cowling

Death and politics. Stand well back!!


Now, that would be a difficult funeral to minister at, and don’t you scarred old veterans out there of the “nothing fazes me, just doing my job” type pretend that it wouldn’t be!