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Here’s what seems to me to be an extraordinary story from the US. It’s a blog post by a mum of four (8, 7, 4, 7 months) about her family field trip to a funeral director. Here’s an extract:

When I set up the appointment, the funeral director said, “How much do you want to see?” and I said, “Whatever you’ll be willing to show us!”

It’s against the law for them to show any dead bodies… but they were there, alright. We weren’t allowed to see what was inside the big refrigerator (which can comfortably fit up to 6 bodies) or open the lid of a casket sitting in the back room. The kids weren’t the LEAST bit freaked out by anything.

I don’t think you could get away with that in the UK, could you? What does that say about us?

Read it all here.

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13 years ago

Great post, and a great Mum (or should that be Mom?).

Perhaps it could work here? How many would go along if their local FD had an “open day”, I wonder?

I was visiting an FD once at school knocking out time. The lady in the office waved to a girl who walked past and who had waved first.
“Don’t know who she is” said the lady, “but she waves every day.”

The girl looked a bit on the goth side to me, so maybe that’s who will go the open days, all the goths and emos?

Rupert Callender
13 years ago

I don’t think this is as unlikely here as you might imagine. Certainly, we would encourage anyone to come and have a visit.
I think the comments are the most interesting thing. The American way of burial is so different to our own as most graves are concrete lined, how weird is that? No wonder most people commenting want a cremation, but to do it so soon is completely at odds with our own way of approaching early bereavement.
X.Piry, don’t underestimate the goth/emo vote, almost as strong as the pink pound!

13 years ago

Great Idea, ‘wish I had an educational tour like at that age. The first dead body i recall seeing was at 19 and it freaked me out a bit: they prepared body parts for medical students so only bit’s of bodies but the rest of our class seemed fine (just me then).

Claire Callender
Claire Callender
13 years ago

We were approached last year by a local secondary school, they wanted to bring a class on a field trip, I was looking forward to it but they never came.

Charles Cowling
13 years ago

I wouldn’t have fancied your introduction, Sonya.

Claire, I guess they got cold feet when they weighed up what the mums and dads would say? A school in the north somewhere got into hot water a year or so ago for holding funerals in its chapel. The parents uproared. Morbid, disgusting, etc etc.