One for the music buffs

Charles Cowling

This was played at the end of the funeral of Carl ‘Fat Boy’ Williams last Friday. I’ve not heard it used at a funeral before, but isn’t it rather good? Celebrants out there, you might like to add this to the songs you recommend to your clients. Just don’t necessarily tell em about Carl — unless it’ll help to sell it.

Somewhere, Louise at Sentiment is posting fab playlists for funerals but I can’t find where she’s doing it. Give us the link, will you, Louise? Thanks, pet.

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11 years ago

cheers Charles

here’s the blog with all the play lists – we’re on week 4 of 10 at the moment.

scroll down the blog to see the other links

at the end of the 10 weeks we’ll compile a massive play list of the best of the best

if anyone wants to email me their songs or music ideas feel free we’ll be sure to add them to the play lists