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Here’s the news I’ve been dreading and, if you’ve been following Carla’s blog, you will have been, too. In her own words:

Carla Zilbersmith, born December 15, 1962, died today, May 17th, 2010. Carla Zilbersmith died in her  home this afternoon of Lou Gherig’s disease, also known as ALS.  Carla Zilbersmith was mother to Maclen Zilber, her only son…that she knows of.  She was also daughter to Jack and Velma, sister to Jason and Stephen.  Friend to an amazing group of caring, creative and competent friends, and lover to several very lucky and largely undeserving men.  Although ALS is a fatal and incurable illness,  Carla never gave up hope that one day her death would be surrounded by a cloud of controversy and speculation.  Her final words, spoken through a clenched jaw were “oil can.”  The memorial is tentatively planned for the afternoon of, Saturday, June 5th. Details will be emailed as soon as they are determined.  It is guaranteed to be the funniest funeral that you have ever attended  or your flowers back. Costumes encouraged but optional.

A wonderful and terrific person. A very sad day.

My thanks to Pam Vetter for letting me know.

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11 years ago

Beyond admiration, almost beyond comment. A life force to remember and an example to treasure.