What about the workers?

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Here’s a nice biz opp for someone in the UK: a jobs review site.

Wossat? It’s a site where people leave anonymous reviews about the company they work for. Very useful for people thinking about working for that company.

Over in the US they have a few of these sites. One of them is JobVent. As you might expect, it’s those who hate their job who are more likely to leave a comment than those who love it. But if, as a prospective employee, you evaluate judiciously, I’d have thought that this site would give you a pretty good insight into what to expect. If you’re thinking about working for Paragon Application Systems, for example, you’ll be impressed by a string if stuff like this:

I have worked for Paragon for 10 years. This company has a family-type atmosphere, and we genuinely care about each other. The owners are generous with the benefits, as well as praise for all of the employees. The employees respect each other and strive to work together as a team.

But you might detect an odour of rodent in this:

Why are all the reviews on the same date? Same person perhaps?

I found JobVent yesterday and checked out Service Corporation International, possibly the most incompetent corporate undertaker the world has ever seen and almost certainly living proof that no corporate, however stealthy, however well camouflaged, can ever thrive in the funeral market. There was one review when I first looked. This morning, seven. Six are extremely negative. The positive one looks like a plant.

I wonder what reviews our own dear corporates would get? And I don’t mean that in a nasty, snidey sort of way. It’s easy to guess the negatives, nothing new there. It’s the positives I’d be interested to see.


  1. Charles

    Are you advocating rejecting all outlier reviews? Or just paying attention to the negative outliers and ignoring the positive outliers?

  2. Charles

    Just wanted to mention an interesting point on the increase in postings at JobVent.com on Service Corporation International (USA). I did a post encouraging funeral professionals
    (yourfuneraguy.wordpress.com) to comment there, and connectingdirectors.com did the same.

    In examining my blog stats I observed a significant number of clicks over to SCI at JOBVent.

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