In the midst of life…

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Following on from the last two days’ posts, here’s another on the same theme. It’s a story in today’s Sunday Telegraph. Sorry, no link, they don’t seem to have archived it yet.

Residents near a funeral parlour in Tonbridge, Kent, claim they are being made miserable because covered bodies are wheeled on trollies past their homes.

One local man, Tim Potter, said: “It just ruins any nice, mellow mood you were in to have a coffin wandering past in front of you.”

The company, WF Groombridge, said it would be happy to discuss any concerns with residents.

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12 years ago

More death denial at work – what do these naive people think … that no-one dies anymore? They are the counterpole to those who protest when the street walkers turn up on the sidewalks of their neighbourhood. The street walkers are there because someone, perhaps in their very home, needs them. Similarly, someone in their very home will soon be wheeled away on one of those trollies. The urge for new life (sex) cannot be denied anymore than the moment when it must end. We have to integrate both sex and dying into our society – otherwise we live unnaturally… Read more »