The Importance of Being Dead

Charles 2 Comments

Sherwin Nuland: The reason there’s interest in people like Aubrey de Grey and the other life extenders has to do with the temper of our age, which I think of as narcissistic…

Aubrey de Grey: It’s not a question of living to a thousand or living to two hundred, even – I mean, I don’t know if I even want to live to a hundred, but I do know I that I’d like to make that choice when I’m ninety-nine rather than having those choices gradually taken away from me by me declining health.

Sherwin Nuland: It is my debt to everything that has come before me, and it’s my obligation to everything that comes after me, that I die within my allotted time.

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12 years ago

I think this madman is doing us all a big favour, by making us realize that we WANT to die. Don't worry, Gloriamundi, it'll never catch on.

(Incidentally, imagine that beard a thousand years from now!)

12 years ago

I am happy to die whenever my number is called……..I just hope it's before 104.5 which is when my gran died….she was fine, but time for a change of scenery and new adventures I recon.