It could never happen over here?

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Terrific tale here from Poland of warring undertakers bribing doctors and paramedics to kill patients and deliver them to the funeral home of the highest bidder. It’s reckoned that the number of murdered patients may be 20,000.

It lasts over an hour, it’s gripping stuff and it’s beautifully filmed.

Are there funeral directors in the UK who have connections with local hospitals? Local nursing homes? Is there the potential here for backhanders and skulduggery? Where did that lovely new telly in the day centre come from?

Do we have a problem? Anonymous comments welcome (but not lurid and lunatic allegations).


  1. Charles

    I doubt for one moment that murder takes place as a result of cash for bodies but I am sure there are "relationships" that could be questioned. I know of at least two firms of undertakers who own their own nursing homes – a conflict of interest surely. When I was an FD I came across various "relationships" that were unhealthy and so I woudl say YES cash changes hands – sadly

  2. Charles

    as above – there was talk at a meeting that the local firm that had the hospital contract had 'acquired it' by other circumstances. Cash? yes for sure.

  3. Charles

    Ahhh there are many a funeral director who provides gifts for care homes and hospitals… however I am not at liberty to mention names.

    I also know of one that gives back handers not only to the nursing/care homes but clergy etc to ensure he gets the business.

    But is this not the same as many business sector

  4. Charles

    The fortnight before Christmas was a busy one, not with funerals, but with deliveries. Christmas trees to nursing homes, Bottles of whiskey and brandy to doctors and solicitors. Even the odd pair of theatre tickets now and then. Not to increase the amount of work available, Heaven forbid it ever should come to that. It was seen as an investment to increase the market share. Perfectly legal, still stinks though.

  5. Charles

    Do we have a problem of murder to order? Nonsense, we don't do that sort of thing here.

    But I do know for a fact that staff at a local hospice unlawfully recommends one particular ingratiating undertaker again and again, despite their protestations to the contrary, because I keep asking the families why they chose him.

  6. Charles

    In my locality, Perhaps nationally, the Coroner's contract specifically forbids behaviour intended to steer the bereaved in any particular funerary direction. The former holder of said contract would leave their card and leaflet with the next of kin and boasted openly that they carried out 80% of the funerals generated from Coroner's removals. No-one in authority batted an eyelid. Allegations involving Lodges and Golf Clubs abounded, I couldn't possibly comment!!!

  7. Charles

    The problem with Coroners Contracts are dependent on the Coroner himself, where I am, the Coroner is adamant that the contractor is anonymous. However the police officers generally name the company and tell the family who they've called. So we can't win.

    As far as nursing homes are concerned if you have a working relationship with people isn't it nice to buy a present at Christmas, why does it have to be about gaining work.

    I do acknowledge that some times some dodgy stuff goes on but I tend to hope (maybe in my naivety) that once somebody sees how we work and that we are professional and caring that next time they are asked they may recommend us.

    Am I being gullible?

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