A trappist funeral

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From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Brother Felix McHale, one of the founders of Utah’s 63-year-old Trappist monastery, was sent out of this world Tuesday the same way he lived: simply.

After a funeral Mass in the chapel at the Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Felix was lowered into his grave on a plywood slab, taking his place next to a couple dozen other monks whose lives are marked with plain white crosses.

In the tradition of Trappist monks, there was no casket. The body had minimal preparation; there was no makeup to disguise death.

Felix — a monk known for corny jokes and spontaneous singing — wore his simple white habit, the cowl covering the top of his head, and black socks.

“We brought nothing into this world, and it’s certain we can carry nothing out,” said the Rev. Leander Dosch, who led his fellow monks in chanting psalms and other prayers over their 93-year-old brother’s body in the shadow of the church, snow still covering much of the ground.

Read the rest of the report here and don’t miss the video!

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