Pets and people together forever

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It’s intriguing to see what grabs the attention of people, especially when it’s something you don’t, yourself, reckon to be at all eyebrow-raising.

Down in Cornwall, Penny Lally at Penwith Woodland Burial Place is burying pets with their owners. So remarkable is this reckoned to be that the story has whizzed round the world in the last few days. People are needing to get their heads around it – but they’re doing that and they like it. Interesting to note that the Daily Mail ran the story in Femail. Ain’t it a bloke ting too, huh?

You can also be “Rolled round in earth’s diurnal course / With rocks, and stones, and trees” together with your dumb chums at Tarn Moor.

And at a natural burial ground near you, shortly, no doubt. Good oh!

(Love that memorial at Tarn Moor. See pic in the Mail story.)


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