Funeralcare screwupdate

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Naughty scenes, it seems, recently shattered the reverent if gloomy atmosphere of George Pettit and Son, undertakers to the good people of Chester. At the staff Christmas party all manner of impropriety seems to have been committed. In an admirably tight-lipped and understated report, the Sunday People spells out in caps the words STRIPPING, THONG, BOOZED and KARAOKE. Gives you an idea. A sample sentence reads: “One video shot from the Christmas Eve party shows a worker with a nipple chain wearing only a thong with the slogan ‘Jingle My Bells’”.

Let not your indignation target the blameless Mr Pettit. It would never have happened in his day. The eminence grise behind the name above the door is none other than…

Co-operative Funeralcare.

Read the People report here.

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