Cryomation wins that Shell award

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Richard Maclean (Cryomation), Duncan Macleod (Shell) & Mike Morris-Watson (Cryomation)

Congratulations to Cryomation on winning a Shell Springboard climate change innovation prize -a notable vote for this new process, a worthy rival to cremation.

Don’t know what Cryomation is? Check out their website here.
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4 years ago

So what has happened in the last 8 years? It’s all rather confusing. See link to Daily Mail article below. BUT, note carefully that the Mail was wrong ( surprise, surprise ) on several counts including: (a) it was not a planning application for Cryomation, it was for ecoLation (b) the planning application to Sevenoaks DC had already been withdrawn when this article was written (c) a deep frozen body does not crystallise when frozen in liquid nitrogen. It is just a frozen corpse and very hard to break up into fragments. (d)There is no such thing as a filter… Read more »