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Do you work at a crematorium or a cemetery? Are you a priest or a secular celebrant or a funeral director who leads or collaborates in the creation of funeral ceremonies? If you are one of the above, you may like to lend your brain to science for as long as it takes to fill out a short questionnaire (don’t worry, you get it back at the end [your brain, that is]).

My good chum Angie McLachlan is a marvellously skilful embalmer who has also been a funeral director. Now she is an academic, among many various other things; she is doing an MA in the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death at the University of Winchester. Her project is entitled Digging Deep: discovering coping strategies for people working in crematoria and allied cemeteries. I don’t need to expand on that, I think. She wants to know how people who deal with grief-stricken people all day, every day, cope. Her questionnaire (mostly multi-choice) asks you how you cope.

Of course, the more people who fill out her questionnaire, the better Angie will be able to write something rich and useful. I am greatly looking forward to reading all about it.

So: you’ll be doing her a favour, and she’s worth it in her own right, let me tell you. You will also be helping to make the world a wiser and more learned place. How often do you get a chance to do that?

The questionnaire takes around 10-15 mins. If you feel inclined to give it a go, you must proceed as follows:
  1. Read this document telling you all about it and establishing Angie’s bona fides: E%20Participant%20Information%20form.pdf
  2. Read this document, which tells you about consent issues and how what you say will be used: PDF-E%20Participant%20Consent%20form.pdf
  3. Then click this link and do the questionnaire online:
If you fancy it, thank you very much — and thank you on behalf of Angie, too.
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