Sage shall not weary them

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There are bad people who can be made better (the majority) and there are bad people who can’t.

It begins to look as if our good friend Richard Sage belongs to the latter category if fresh allegations are correct. He has resurfaced in Manchester disguised as the Edmund Funeral Home and, true to form, has already begun, allegedly (I’m not taking any risks with this man!), to rip people off with all the charm and plausibility for which he is famed. The ranks of his enemies, angry victims all, continue to grow.
Here’s the recent experience of Nigel Hill of NRH Executive Cars:
“He booked a chauffeur car for a priest to a service in June 2009, I was told the priest would pay cash on the day, the priest had no money for the journey so Richard told me to send an invoice that would be paid by return. Nearly 3 months later, 15 phone calls, 20 emails and countless promises to pay, and I still have no money from him. Stay well clear of this man .”
Stay well clear of Direct Funeral Services, too. This website is still listed as belonging to Mr Sage.
Time to bang him up and throw away the key? It begins to look like it.


  1. Charles

    i am a former employee of richard sage, and i must admit he is not the person anyone would want to deal with because he treats his staff like utter muck and he doesn’t have any respect for the family, the deceased or anyone in that matter. i regretted working for him for 6 months and glad i left when i did otherwise i would have been caught up in his web of lies

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