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Those lovely people at Transitus are holding their first-ever festival on Saturday 20 June.

What’s the draw?

Dorset for a start. Always a special place at this time of the year. And Sturminster Newton, the venue, is a special place.

And Dr Peter Fenwick. Peter Fenwick! He’s a man worth crossing the country to hear. What a coup, getting him to come!

There will be short talks and workshops on caring for the dying, soul midwifery, green funerals, imaginative celebrations and afterlife research.

There will be a performance of the play Colder than Here. In a review of the London
West End production, John Peter wrote in The Sunday Times:‘Laura Wade’s play is a 90-minute masterpiece, a jewel, dark but translucent. It is a play of love, death and grief that is hardest to bear, because it begins before the loved one dies…’

Transitus is an agreeably big tent for anyone interested in issues around death and dying. It is a group which respects the ideas of all. There’s no belief system you have to sign up to.

In their own words:

Transitus is about sharing what we are and have, and, little by little, touching the hearts, minds and souls of those perhaps not aware of the growing group of people working in a way that honours all aspects of life – mind, body, spirit and emotions – that are involved with the sacred process of dying.

It is about the sacredness of life and of death and how we may bring this to others; changing attitudes and interpretations around death, dying and the continuity of consciousness.

Hugely recommended.

See the Transitus website here.

There you can download and print off a festival flyer.  If you’d like a professionally printed copy, or more than one, email me at

See you there!

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