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Thursday, 16 August 2012



Funeralworld tends to be a very quiet, even dull, place — well, in Britain it is. And perhaps we should be grateful for that. If we glance over at our friends in the US we find much more goes on. In the last few days…

A hearse driver died while taking a body to a funeral 

A woman at a funeral home where she was receiving friends after the death of her mother on Monday collapsed and died

A Grand Rapids family is getting an $80,000 settlement payout from a funeral home whose staff they say dropped their mother’s coffin, causing her body to fall onto the ground outside the church where her funeral was about to take place.

In Kentucky, a man has been arrested for stealing a tractor from a funeral home. A tractor?? 

In Florida, a funeral director’s dog died. “He lined up an Episcopal priest and a Baptist minister and former Pasco County Sheriff Bob White to speak. He placed Lucy in a Grecian solid bronze casket. He printed memorial cards with a picture of Lucy and a prayer for animals. He shopped for flowers.”

In Florida, officers are searching for 54-year-old Phillip Steve Stavrakis who shot his brother the day after their mum’s funeral.

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