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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gladd bag suicide kit


By Charles Cowling

They done her in. So claims the director of the new Diana movie –

All the Goth death stuff you could probably ever want –

Will the Tories flunk doing the right thing to fix the growing old age care crisis? It seems so –

Israelis bulldoze Muslim cemetery at night in order to build Museum of Tolerance –

With the example of sociopath US commercial operators in healthcare, why would the UK feel it needs the bastards?

“One less dog!” Muslim kids abuse European funerals in Holland –

Tales of empire: Job Charnock married a 15 y/o Hindu rescued from the pyre of her husband, about to commit sati.

Longevity is the elephant in the room. We live in denialist times –

DeathwDignity Death with Dignity RT by GoodFunerals
Laws Should Reflect Diversity of Opinions. A new post on our blog: #DeathwithDignity #eol #hpm

Catholic church says no to gay man’s funeral. God is glorified?

It’s not just people who die –

The sentimentalisation of death and recreational grieving. An unsentimental view of death by someone with cancer

‘Terrifyingly fascinating.’ The wax funeral effigy of Sarah Hare –

Epitaph for an atheist found yesterday in an English churchyard (how English!): ‘I was not; I have been; I am not; I do not mind.’

Headstone unsafe after 11 years. How dare ‘stonemasons’ steal this honourable title?

matthiasrascher Matthias Rascher RT by GoodFunerals
Ancient graves suggest that family didn’t really matter 9,000 years ago. #archaeology #history

Palliative care discussion on today’s Today prog. Catch it on Listen Again –

Internet suicide kits and a nice dilemma for the sanctity-of-lifers –

Do catch Sarah Murray, author of just-published Making an Exit, talking to Sandi on R4 Excess Baggage Listen Again:

PippaMW Pippa Wilcox RT by GoodFunerals
Lovely mention for #homedeath in the Guardian We’re told that it’s selling fast so do book –

An egregious example of the corruption at the heart of the US funeral industry. Can you read between the lines? –

An idiot writes to ask me what I think of his new venture:

And now there’s the Eternal Bed casket, a ‘compassionate alternative’. Love it! @TheEternalBed

Vicar defrocked after being caught trousering funeral fees, naughty boy –

Sussex hospitals doing public health funerals for an ave of just £700 each. How?? –


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