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Who’s the fastest of them all?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Photo stolen from Paul and Marion Sinclair’s blog

Ray Bidiss’s trike hearse world speed record got the newswires humming. When I heard it I paused and pondered. I think I said ooh. Maybe you did, too.

Didn’t hear about it? Read about it here.

Take nothing away from Ray, he blitzed down Elvington airfield at 114.1 mph with a coffin on board. But when the press says his is a motorcycle hearse they’re not technically correct. A motorcycle hearse is a hearse drawn by a 2-wheeled vehicle. A trike is not a motorbike.

By coincidence I’m off to have lunch with Paul Sinclair in a minute. I’d intended talk it over with him, and doubtless we’ll touch on it. But the blog he posted this morning answers all my questions, especially #1: “Haven’t you already done this faster, Paul? Aren’t you actually the record holder?”

Answer in a nutshell: Paul’s hearse has gone faster – 120 mph to be precise – but the Guinness Book of Records didn’t have a hearse category at the time so they didn’t chalk it up. Had they done… But it still wouldn’t have been like against like.

A head-to-head between Paul and Ray would make a great photo; bikers would love it. Any chance of a play-off? I’ll let you know.

Read Paul’s post here.

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