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Peaceful Pillow

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Why a pillow, I wonder? Especially a pillow that looks nothing like a pillow. I’m not at all sure that the feeding-duck look as it goes down is a good look. If you turn down the music this gets dull.

These guys have missed a trick, leaving a gap in the market for you. Stuff the pillow idea, develop a biodegradable Viking longship. With fireworks. People don’t want to go down with a glug, they want to go up in a blaze, right? You read it here first. If you make a few bob, remember me.

One comment on “Peaceful Pillow

  1. Thursday 13th May 2010 at 10:18 am

    Charles, I am literally laughing so hard at your comment – it’s a boring video but how else could they make it any better – it’s a bit like watching the curtain close for 10 minutes at a crem – yawn – the only thing that’s going to make that much better is the music – however it is was it is – its a ‘ sort of pillow shaped water urn floating down the river’ nowt can make it much more interesting – or sentimental unless you were there and it was your gran! i like your Viking ship idea, with fireworks and preferably a loud PA blasting out the exodus

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