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It’s always sad to hear that an independently owned funeral business has been sold to one of the big three corporate chains.

It’s even more so when the company concerned is one that has been on the Good Funeral Guide ‘Recommended’ list for years.

So when we were told by a third party this weekend that one of the longstanding listed GFG Recommended funeral directors is now under new ownership, we were very sorry indeed.

Undoubtedly, the decision to sell the company he created and built up to four branches in North London was a very difficult one for Mark Catchpole and his wife Julie, and we wish them both well for the future now that the deal has been signed.

Being recommended by the Good Funeral Guide is a privilege earned through a stringent accreditation process. Our criteria are strict. The sale to Funeral Partners means that we are no longer able to recommend Harrison Funeral Home as one of the funeral directors approved by the Good Funeral Guide.

 We have never, nor will ever encourage bereaved people to seek help from a company owned by Dignity, Co-operative Funeralcare or Funeral Partners.

‘Inter mutanda constantia’