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                                A. W. Lymn – The Family Funeral Service

There was no shortage of candidates for this category, and the shortlisted 13 names included individuals as well as companies.

Traditional funeral directing continues to thrive, and the judges found it difficult to select the most deserving from among the entries submitted as all clearly have the highest of standards and impeccable presentation.

Eventually the decision was reached:

The Winner of Traditional Funeral Director of the Year 2017, with especial mention of two staff members, Louise Cook and Dominic Lister, is A. W. Lymn – The Family Funeral Service

Runners Up – Bungard Funeral Directors and Southall Funeral Service


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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Fran Hall

The team at Full Circle Funerals

Another category attracting many strong nominations and entries, the title of Best Modern Funeral Director reflects a growing change in the funeral sector to a more contemporary approach to funeral arrangements.

The judges looked at all aspects of the companies that were shortlisted including their online presence, and were very impressed by all the candidates.

One of the runners up was chosen for their innovative and holistic approach to funeral directing, and their successful establishment in the community where they work. The other was chosen for their fresh and community focused approach and their modernising take on traditional undertaking.

The winner was chosen in acknowledgement of the extensive research and planning carried out before opening, the care and thought that went into the ethos and the ‘look’ of the business, and the dogged persistence and belief in what they are doing in an area dominated by traditional style funeral directors which is now paying off as they continue to succeed.

The Winner of Best Modern Funeral Director is – Full Circle Funerals

Runners Up – Dandelion Farewells and Bewley & Merrett


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Sarah Ellis of Bewley & Merrett Funeral Directors

Three excellent candidates for this title made the judges’ decision particularly hard. All finalists demonstrate dedication, a thirst for knowledge and the empathy and professionalism that is the mark of a first class funeral director.

Selecting one over the other two was a difficult choice, but the final decision was made in acknowledgement of the personal challenges that this person has overcome to reach the position of trainee Funeral Director.

The Winner is Sarah Ellis, of Bewley and Merrett Funeral Directors

Runners Up – Rhys Askham from Rosedale Funeral Home, and Sarah Tully from Compassionate Funerals


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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Allistair Anderson from Compassionate Funerals

This category attracted a number of strong entries, with 11 finalists ranging from traditional to more unconventional businesses. The judges believe that it is essential that any future regulation of the funeral industry does not place barriers in the way of newcomers, as it is the emergence of new innovative thinking about how to do funerals that is driving the funeral sector forward.

There are two runners up in this category, both successful start-up businesses by funeral directors who have worked for large companies and wanted to have a more personal, involved and reactive role.

The winner was selected for their unique, contemporary, open and bespoke approach, their professionalism balanced with creativity and compassion, blending to give a fresh new approach to undertaking.

In their own words;

It is clearly important that we keep our service flexible, adaptable, creative and truly meet the needs of our client, rather than giving a blueprint of what we think that a funeral should be and look like.’

Winner – Compassionate Funerals

Runners Up – Crescent Funeral Services and O’Dwyer Funeral Directors


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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Lorraine Aitken of Young’s Independent Funeral Directors

Often the most recognisable face of many funeral businesses, the role of funeral arranger is a critically important one. It is the arranger who builds relationships with families, who becomes the trusted friend and advisor and who ensures that all the details are taken care of.

All finalists this year demonstrate outstanding people skills and the ability to empathise with clients from all walks of life and are commended by the judges.

This year’s runner ups were chosen for their sensitivity and listening skills which are a clear asset to their work, and for the impact they both have on families they serve.

This year’s winner was selected because of the glowing testimonials received, in particular this one from her employer; ‘Her ability to provide light and comfort at the worst time in people life’s is truly remarkable and her naturally humble and caring nature means she often shares her success with those around her. She is a people person in the truest sense. Quite simply she was meant to do the job!’

The Winner is Lorraine Aitken, from Young’s Independent Funeral Directors

Runners Up – Barbara Scrimshaw from Edd Frost & Daughters & Persephone Salway from A. Monger Funeral Directors



Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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           Andrew Leverton of Leverton & Sons

The funeral world is not known for being overly environmentally friendly, with large hearses and limousines travelling slowly to the place of committal. It is heartening therefore for there to be entries in this category, albeit with only four finalists.

The runner up in this category uses earth friendly coffins only, everyday transport rather than a hearse, and garden sourced flowers rather than imported shop bought arrangements.

The winner of the most eco-friendly funeral director is addressing the issue of reducing emissions in the industry in a number of ways, through digitalizing their company procedures as much as possible, providing information online to reduce print costs, and perhaps most importantly through their development introduction and regular use of their Eco hearse and accompanying family car.

By leading the way for traditional funeral directors to think innovatively about their carbon footprint, this company deserves to be applauded and widely recognised.

The Winner is Leverton & Sons

Runner Up – Woodland Wishes


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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         Tony Foster of Fosters Funeral Directors


With the issue of funeral poverty (or funeral affordability) very much in the media, providing quality undertaking service at low cost is a goal that many businesses are aspiring to.  There were eight finalists in this category, and all provide excellent value for money for their low cost funerals.

The runner up has introduced an innovative approach to low cost funeral provision through partnership with local funeral directors, driving a change which could impact the whole funeral industry through provision of the lowest cost funerals with high quality service.

The winner was selected not only for their consistently high standards at affordable prices and their transparency of costs, but also for their determination to address often misleading information about the cost of a funeral put out by life insurance companies with vested interests by investing in an awareness raising advertising campaign on television and radio proudly comparing their prices with large corporate companies.

Winner – Fosters Funeral Directors

Runner up – Memoria Low Cost Funerals Ltd


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

The 2017 Good Funeral Awards were generously sponsored by Greenfield Creations

Fran Hall

              Holly Clarke of Holly’s Funerals

Direct cremation is a fast-growing area of the funeral sector, and there are many direct cremation companies opening around the UK, with most funeral directors providing direct cremation as an option.

The runner up in this category is a quality provider of a direct cremation service, with ongoing telephone support for families.

The winner demonstrates though this excerpt from their entry that direct cremation, while being a cheaper alternative for families, does not necessarily mean less care is taken:

‘We believe that even though this may be a ‘cheaper option’ we still support the families as much as if they were paying for a full service. We include them as much as we can. We advise that they can come and decorate the coffin, they can send us personal letters, pictures to place in the coffin, we read these to the deceased. Once in their coffin, as with all our guests, we bless them, placing dried rose petals around them. We ask the family whether their loved one had any favourite pieces of music, if so we create a playlist that we play on their last journey to the crematorium. We always let families know what time we will be leaving so that they can be with us in spirit. A direct cremation is no less sacred than a ‘traditional’ cremation. We always follow up to see how families are, whether they need any extra support.’

Winner – Holly’s Funerals

Runner Up – Respect Direct Funeral Services


Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd

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     Richard Hooker from Mortlake Crematorium

For such an important role, there were surprisingly few nominations in this category this year, resulting in just three finalists. The judges hope that next year far more celebrants and funeral directors will nominate these unsung heroes who oversee thousands of funerals each year, ensuring that everything goes to plan.

Picking a winner from the three finalists wasn’t easy, but it was eventually decided on by the testimony of the crematorium buy cialis 20mg online manager, who wholeheartedly endorsed this person for their quiet, gentle nature, their kindness and generosity, their complete reliability and their care for their work.

Winner – Richard Hooker at Mortlake Crematorium

Runners up – Paul Jansen at Golders Green Crematorium and the team at Cardiff Crematorium Thornhill


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 Award photograph by Jayne Lloyd



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                                     The team from Memoria Ltd.

This category had a good field of entrants this year, with 13 finalists and entries citing facilities, environmental issues, service times, fees, bereavement services, training, events and grounds maintenance.

Selecting a winner from among these entries was not easy, and the judges ended up with three deserving runners up which all deserve mention.

The winner was decided both on the quality of facilities and staff and the testimonials from families and funeral directors:

Winner: South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park

Runners up: Kettering Crematorium, Mortlake Crematorium and Seven Hills Crematorium


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The 2017 Good Funeral Awards were generously sponsored by Greenfield Creations

Photograph by Jayne Lloyd