The shroud failed for many years to make a comeback, perhaps because people were put off by the way it leaves the outline of the body identifiable.

But a shroud is honest, and at around £150, it’s inexpensive and suitable for burial or cremation.

You can get one from Respect Everybody Shrouds (illustrated below) — call 01427 612992


An alternative to a shroud is a soft coffin. A soft coffin is something a bit like a shroud in principle, but something else altogether in practice.

Bellacouche handmake to order a beautiful felted Leafcocoon, pictured below, which greatly softens the outline of the body.

It is covered in a choice of leaf patterns. Nothing else is needed, i.e. no liner.

 Absorbent materials (all recycled and natural of course) are hidden inside the felt-encased wooden base, and six strong handles take the weight.  

There is a shroud inside, with an adjustable cocoon over this, and a detachable decorated cover which can be kept  as a keepsake, or buried with the body.

Visit: Bellacouche also make a child cocoon.

Ring: Yuli Somme on  01647 432155.

Buy direct: £885. See another photo on our blog here. Winner of the Good Funeral Award 2013 for Best Coffin Supplier.