When family members have strong and differing views and beliefs, they may find it difficult to agree about funeral arrangements (among other things).  When a dispute cannot be settled amicably, or through arbitration, only a judge in a court of law can settle it.

If you opt for cremation, the application form will ask you: Is there any near relative(s) or executor(s) who has not been informed of the proposed cremation? This is to prevent someone from cremating a body without their knowledge  It also covers a circumstance where an executor refuses to arrange disposal and someone else undertakes to do so instead.

The form will also ask you: Has any near relative or executor expressed any objection to the proposed cremation? In such a circumstance, the objector can seek an injunction in a court of law to prevent the cremation.

If the disputed means of disposal is burial, an objector can seek an injunction to stop it.

In the same way, personal representatives may go to court to settle a dispute about the destination of cremated remains, usually called ashes.