Going on a Journey

Charles Cowling


Dutch Tilders, godfather of Australian blues. Died 2011. Lung cancer. Aged 69.

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Paul Hensby
9 years ago

Great song Charles. Another one to send to My Last Song which, as you should have said, is where people should visit to find more suitable, er, last songs.
So would you or one of your loyal and excellent followers like to send their favourite farewell songs to playlists@mylastsong.com?

gloria mundi
9 years ago

Here I come, darlings – lovely track, cool-looking guy, and dead right about the harp, just getting his chops into it when they fade the track down. I think it would absolutely be a good funeral track. I find the blues can work really well. I wonder about “Come Back, Baby,” version by Eric Bibb? Another track not actually about mourning, but full of loss. Unlike Seasick Steve;’s “The Dead Song’ which is very much about -er, well, death…

Charles Cowling
9 years ago

Ah, James, how good to have your endorsement. I’d hoped for a spate of Wows. Whither art thou, Gloria Mundi!?

It’d make a darn good funeral song for the right person, I think.

Unlike today’s piece. But I like to be catholic (always leaving the capital C to Richard Rawlinson).

james showers
9 years ago

LOvely music – he a fine looking man too.
I especially liked the harp playing.
Funeral music? Could be!

Thanks for continually putting out the good music, Charles