Going on a Journey

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Dutch Tilders, godfather of Australian blues. Died 2011. Lung cancer. Aged 69.


  1. Charles

    Ah, James, how good to have your endorsement. I’d hoped for a spate of Wows. Whither art thou, Gloria Mundi!?

    It’d make a darn good funeral song for the right person, I think.

    Unlike today’s piece. But I like to be catholic (always leaving the capital C to Richard Rawlinson).

  2. Charles

    Here I come, darlings – lovely track, cool-looking guy, and dead right about the harp, just getting his chops into it when they fade the track down. I think it would absolutely be a good funeral track. I find the blues can work really well. I wonder about “Come Back, Baby,” version by Eric Bibb? Another track not actually about mourning, but full of loss. Unlike Seasick Steve;’s “The Dead Song’ which is very much about -er, well, death…

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