Leon’s home funeral

Charles Cowling

Penny Rhodes of A Natural Undertaking, “a collaborative partnership that teaches families how to be in attendance at the passing of a loved one, and the time afterwards, in the setting of one’s own home,” has just posted this slideshow account of her father’s home funeral.

Penny says of her father: “He always was a showman, and loved buy generic cialis online from india being on stage, and I think he would be happy to know that he is STILL on stage, and making a difference!”

The music Penny wanted was not allowed by YouTube (a copyright thing). What you hear is second best.

2 thoughts on “Leon’s home funeral

  1. Leon’s Home Funeral - Funeral Consumers Alliance

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  2. Charles Cowling

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing
    Peaceful new year to you and your family
    Love Sammi

    Charles Cowling

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